Ex-Pro player, Commentator & Streamer

Did you know I used to play for some of the top teams back in CS:Source? Did you know I have commentated for some of the biggest brands in e-Sports? And in my spare time I love to play games and interact with viewers through twitch?

I bet you didn't! I have played for teams such as Reason Gaming, TCM-Gaming and Catch Gamer. I stopped playing professional CS back in 2010 and had a break from it all. In 2011 however I started doing fun online casting for CS games with Helblinde (Project was called Ragefest). We managed to get a few followers and fans, and eventually ended up being invited to cast Copenhagen Games 2012. This is where my casting started and from there I ended up travelling to Italy, England and Germany to cast for several big events. I have casted ESWC Qualifiers and Dreamhack Valencia online. I have also done offline events for events like ESL, I-Series and MadCatz. After Copenhagen Games 2014 I got partnered with Twitch and from there on out Ive started streaming whilst playing a variety of games.

What I can do for you

The different roles I can fill

Colour commentator

The play-by-play commentator will mainly drag you through a match, but without his loyal sidekick "the colour caster", theres not going to be a lot of insight. As a colour commentator I promise to deliver both when it comes to the tactical aspect of the game and bring all the lulz.

Expert / Match analyst

Having played for top teams myself back in the CS Source days, Ive learnt a thing or two about how CS works and how teams operate. Bring me in on the expert panel to tell your viewers what team X did wrong and what team Y did right!


Although I have never hosted a gaming event, I have been a host at other types of events. I can be whatever character you want me to be: The serious spokesperson or the funny nerd.